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Skilled players take on Stud Hi/Lo.

Stud Hi/Lo is a close relative to the seven hand poker game and similar to Omaha in the respect that the pot is split between the highest and the lowest hand. Like Omaha if no player qualifies for the low hand they player with the highest hand will win the full pot, also the same player can win both the low and high aspect of the pot depending on the player's skill and the hand they hold. Players should expect to see the game described as seven stud high-low, seven card stud 8 or better, seven card stud split or seven card stud 8. The name will depend which casino the individual is playing in at a particular time. The names will be familiar to the players who are used to playing at online gaming sites, those who are used to playing at land based casinos will notice the game is very different to what they are used to. For starters many players enjoy free play and bonuses when they make deposits at the casinos. The best offers a land based casino will offer are tutorials for beginners and special feature nights.

In land based casinos the game is noted to be quite different, they often use wild cards or replacements which players would never find at an online casino. At an online game players do not indicate whether they will be playing high or low, this is not necessarily a good aspect because they have to win just half the pot for the decision they have made. A player needs to be very skilled before they consider taking on a land based casino. Online, the software makes a wide majority of decisions for the individual so it makes it slightly easier for that player in case they forget small details.

Although Stud Hi/lo is considered to be a combination of Omaha and Stud it still should not be taken on with little experience of the Poker game as the rules are considered quite complex and could seriously intimidate a player which could affect their feelings towards the game in general.

Rules to play Stud Hi/Lo

As in the game of Stud Hi players start with two hole or pocket cards and an upcard, then the dealer with give three more upcards to each player followed by a downcard. Each player finishes with seven cards in total, with four facing upwards and three facing downwards. In fact the only difference between this game and in Stud Hi is that in this game the player spends the entire game focusing on achieving a high hand and/or a low hand where as in the high game the player will just concentrate on getting a high hand. A lot more concentration and skill is required for this game, particularly if the player wants the best chance to secure a high and a low hand so that they can scoop the entire pot.

Quite typically of Poker, Stud Hi/Lo is played on an eight player table, although some internet poker rooms will accept more players and accommodate them efficiently. A 52 card deck is also used just like in the other games. As in Stud Hi the players begin each hand by putting an ante in the pot which does not count towards the bets.

The game varies depending on the location where the individual plays the game of Stud Hi/Lo; land based and online casinos are very different as can be every single online casino. Every online gaming site will have their own rules, but generally the main changes will be the payouts and bets. These variations can depend on the software provider, some are known for allowing more freedom which does not always go in the players favour.

Each online poker site will have their own security and privacy policy; this will outline if they will do anything else with your personal details and advise how secure their financial transactions are. Generally casinos will not pass their players information on to anyone else without their express permission and they all tend to use similar firewalls to protect the player's financial information.

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