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Negative players love to play Razz!

Razz is believed to be the perfect poker game for players who always think that they end up with bad hands but knowing their luck they could find a new way of getting good hands in which case the game may not be good for them. The truth is every Poker game has its positives and its negatives, each player will work their way through the Poker family before they decide which the best game is for them. The aim of Razz is to make the best five card low hand from their seven cards they are issued. It has aspects of Stud and lowball so it may be suitable for players who simply want a break from the other classic games of poker. Razz is not as well known as other Poker games but can sometimes be found on online gaming sites. Sites allow players to play for free at times so they can get used to a new game.

Razz uses a 52 deck of cards just like any other poker game and it is played on an eight player table, in fact if players did not know what they were playing they think that they were playing one of the 7 stud games. The only main difference is that in Razz players have to try to get the lowest hand they can in order to win. Razz does not use any blinds, just ante and the first thing a player will do when walking into a game of Razz is placing an ante to the pot, as usual this does not count to the bets. By placing an ante the other players and the dealer will know that the new player is serious. In Razz the ante is usually a fifth of the lower betting limit.

To be able to play Razz the player should be experienced in a variety of other Poker games to ensure they know the terms so that they can adapt them to Razz in order to have a successful game.

Rules to play Razz

In the game of Razz players are given two hole cards and an upcard, as they progress through the rounds they will be given three more cards and a final downcard whilst placing bets in between. Towards the end the players who do not fold will end up will seven cards, four facing up for all to see and three facing down. In the final showdown the player who can make the lowest hand out of five of their seven cards will be able to take away the full pot of bets. In Razz Aces are always low and flushes and straights will have absolutely no impact at all. The best hand to aim for is an Ace a 2, a 3, a 4 and a five.

In a game of Razz the dealer will always be the person who resides at seat 8 which is where the stud button is. Every new game and round will begin with the player in seat one, if they have folded then the next player will go to them. When the showdown takes place the software does a lot of the work. Each players cards will be shown in the playing order, all players will be treated the same and the games are checked for fairness constantly at online casinos who do offer Razz. If players run out of casino chips during the game a side pot will be created and when the winner is announced they will take away all the pots if they are the one with the low hand.

In the few casinos that do offer this version of Poker it is not uncommon to notice a change in the betting and limit rules as can be found with other games. Players often read the rules if they play somewhere new to ensure nothing have changed since they learnt the game.

When playing online players will have their own security policy to ensure that their players are safe whilst they play on their site. Games are all frequently tested and audited to ensure they are fair. Poker Rooms rarely pass on personal information to any third party.

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