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Omaha Hi/Lo shapes the Poker future.

Omaha Hi/Lo is part of the Hold'em family of Pokers, although Texas is the favourite many players will branch off to play hi/lo for a change of scenery or even for a better chance of winning because unlike the other games the hand with the lowest wins as well as the highest. It is the perfect game for players who have the hang of the other two games because it is only slightly different from the others. There are four pocket cards distributed like in Hold'em and Omaha Hi but the player must only use two of these cards. As with other games the rules always change at different casinos, but these are usually the rules that apply to betting. The best casinos offer the chance to play for free to get used to the site and the game.

If players can master Hold'em and Omaha Hi then this will be a walk in the park for them, it is always easier to master those varieties first. Many people believe that this game will soon be the World's favourite over the Hold'em choice because it is similar but the pot is split at the end to give the players that would usually lose the chance to win as well, sometimes inexperienced players cannot decide if it is better to win or to lose. Players thrive on the fact that they can play someone halfway across the world whilst they are sat in their living room.

Once a player has signed up to a site and is looking forward to their first game of Omaha Hi/Lo they usually check the individual rules of that site in case they are different to what they believed, even though rules tend to remain it is always best to check to prepare. Like the other games there are four betting rounds which follow the individuals performing the posting part of the game.

As the game is getting more and more popular individuals can choose to play the game at a number of locations, many will offer different promotions where players can either play free with no prizes on offer or they can get a deposit bonus and win cash if they strike beginners luck. At each casino the basics remain the same but the stakes may change so it is wise to check each time a players selects a new place to play.

Practically all aspects of Hold em and Omaha hi remain here except that the pot is split at the end of the game. The rules can be quite complex which is why it is not a great game to start with.

Rules to play Omaha Hi/Lo

As with the other games there are four betting rounds which appear to increase and get more exciting as they progress. When the cards are dealt the players must use two and only two cards. When considering how a player will win it gets slightly more complex, for a start they can win half the pot for having the higher value and the other half for having the lower value set of cards remaining, possibly where the name eights or better comes from.

To end up with the low hand the player must have five individual or different cards under 8 that cannot be paired up. As the Ace is the lowest card the best hand would be an Ace followed by a 2, 3, 4 and 5. Players have to use two of the pocket cards and three of the other cards that are distributed. In situations where there is not a winner of a low hand then the higher hand will win the full pot. Players can also win both hands if they have the right cards; it just depends on their level of skill and experience.

Players always read the current rules before starting a game of Omaha Hi/Lo as mistakes can cost money as well as stupidity.

The casinos that offer Omaha Hi/Lo are fully licensed and often use firewalls as their extra form of security, before any payments are made the passage will be fully encrypted to prevent hackers.

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