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Online Poker Rooms

Since the evolution of online poker in the late 1990’s when games for real money first became available, we have seen this game become the most amazing phenomenon. Online poker rooms cater for players of all levels of skill with all types of bankrolls too.

This is the thinking man’s game as it is a game of skill and is rapidly becoming the thinking woman’s games too. People of both sexes, from all kinds of different backgrounds and in all age groups love playing online poker. But always make sure that the poker rooms you choose to play in are reliable.

One of the best ways of making sure a poker room is reliable is by making use of a reputable gaming portal. One such portal, only lists the best poker rooms, so you will find big UK brand names there; names such as "Bet365". Bet365 has been operating in the UK gaming industry since 1974 and is a leader in this industry. They also offer online bingo, sports betting, casino and other games and they hold a UK license, which makes them completely within regulations. This is a great comfort for nervous or new online poker players or other gamers.

Another big name in this industry is Betfair, this company is massively successful and they also have a fantastic poker room. This company was specifically designed for exchange enabled games online, and they are licensed in various countries around the world including the UK. Play poker here and your gaming is in the hands of Edward Wray and Andrew Black; innovators in commercialized betting technology.

Not only will you find plenty of poker, both high and low stakes, but arcade games, sports betting, financial spread betting, and casino as well as other games. Betfair is the recipient of the "Queens Award for Innovation in Enterprise 2003 and 2008" and they display this symbol proudly at the site.

You won’t find many more reliable poker rooms than these, but you will find many in the UK which are just as reliable, if no so "well known". New players should always stick to the well known brands, it inspires confidence.

Online poker rooms will provide players with free games, and a poker school too, to help them get started. If you are new to playing online and playing this game in particular, take advantage of these value added services. You won’t find a free table or anyone willing to give you lessons in a live casino!

As poker is a game of skill, playing involves strategy, skill and a good understanding of the fundamentals of the game. What makes it so interesting as well as exciting is there are a plethora of variations of poker games. What also makes playing online so exciting is the fact that many of the tournaments are aimed at giving away prizes into large land competitions, including, but not limited to the WSOP.

Many online poker players have been made famous by winning tournament buy-ins, and these days a large percentage of the people seated at the final table in huge prize money games such as the WSOP come from an online poker playing background.

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